Enhance Your Appearance With Hairline Lowering

Hairline lowering

If you ever look in the mirror and think that your hairline is too high or your forehead is too big, there are things that can be done to help. A lot of people believe that there is no way to fix a hairline, but hairline lowering can create a more balanced harmony and frame for the face. Hairline lowering can minimize a longer forehead and enhance your overall appearance. 

Want to learn more about enhancing your appearance and the best hairline-lowering options? Keep reading to find the helpful information you are looking for. 

Issues With A High Hairline

An interesting fact about the face is that there are average measurements for what constitutes a more attractive distance from your hairline to your eyebrow. There isn’t much that can give away a person’s age quite as the forehead can, and this proportion can betray many things about how old someone is. This is why the forehead plays an important factor in how old people look!

If you measure a face vertically from the hairline to the chin, one-third of this length is the average distance that should be between the eyebrows and the hairline. In our society, this is typically seen as aesthetically pleasing because even though people don’t get out their rulers and measure the distance, the eye makes a good judgment on this just from one look.  This aesthetically pleasing proportion tends to draw an observer’s eyes towards the areas of the face, such as the eyes and lips, that are thought to convey beauty.  But, if you have a higher hairline, it will provide a distraction from these other features and instead draw attention towards the forehead. 

Throughout our lifetime, one type of hair loss that people experience is around the hairline. As you age, the eyebrows may begin to droop making a high hairline even more noticeable. Many people notice this change without realizing the cause and try to do something about it, such as consulting a hairstylist to see if anything can be done to make it less obvious. 

While a hairstylist can offer styles such as bangs to minimize a prominent high hairline, this solution is not very effective for women with a very long forehead. Worrying about the location of a hairline is not something anybody should have to be concerned about, and hairline lowering surgery can minimize this concern. This procedure will bring a noticeable difference to your face and enhance your overall appearance. 

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A More Feminine Appearance

Hairstyles that help to disguise a long forehead or uneven hairline are not the ideal solution. It’s inconvenient and time-consuming to brush your hair into the exact perfect position to cover your high hairline after each and every shower, or when the wind blows it in the wrong direction. Some even camouflage the problem with hats, hair bands and scarves.  

Hairline lowering

Hairline Lowering Procedure – Dr Sidle

It is often the case that women who have this issue feel as though they have a less feminine appearance. There are a lot of stories online and in general about people who have successfully had hairline lowering treatments and feel so much better for it. 

Hairline Lowering, Forehead Reduction for Men

Now, you might be thinking that the majority of candidates for this kind of procedure are women.  But, many of the patients who decide to go for surgery are male as this a very common issue for both sexes. Men can be good candidates for hairline lowering and forehead reduction if there is no family history of hair loss. Those that have had hair grafting can also be good candidates for the procedure or you can combine hair grafting and transplant with the hair lowering surgery.

Options For Hairline Lowering

There are two methods to choose from when it comes to hairline lowering. The first method is hairline lowering surgery, also known as surgical hairline advancement or forehead reduction. This surgery takes place on the forehead, just before the hairline and there is an area of skin that is removed, but it is only small, usually around 2 centimetres. After removal of the unwanted forehead skin, the hairline is advanced to create the new hairline. There will be a scar left from the procedure, but it matures and fades nicely with time, and can be very well hidden.  

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The second option to lower the hairline is hair grafting.  Hair grafting is a nonsurgical alternative and is one of the only two hairline lowering options available. Instead of making a surgical incision on the forehead, this procedure grafts hair in front of the hairline to bring it forward. The hairline will then be made up of mostly single hair follicles that leave the patient with the beautiful results that they want to see. For possible candidates who are not a fan of surgery, it might be a good idea to see if you are eligible for this hairline lowering option instead. 

The Best Solution Out There

Styling or cutting your hair in a specific way every couple of weeks or months can get tiring and cost a lot of money every time you need an appointment. So, while this technique might work in the short term, this may not be a long term or permanent solution.

Hairline lowering Surgery

Hairline Lowering – Dr Sidle Illinois Plastic Surgeon

It is important to consider all the factors of hairline lowering and weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision. Something else to do is before the surgery is to manage your expectations about the hairline lowering procedure. For example, if you are looking for something that will give you instant results, it may not be realistic to expect that from this procedure. Although the scar heals very well, there is a period of time that the scar will be visible.  Hairline lowering patients accept this because they know the end results can be excellent. Even though there will likely be a few short term side effects such as wound redness and swelling, the end result of the beautiful hairline you’ve always wanted will make these temporary issues worth it all. 

Benefits Of Hairline Lowering

There are many benefits of hairline lowering to enhance your overall appearance. The first of these is that the scar that was mentioned above fades nicely with time and can be covered, meaning that nobody needs to know that surgery has taken place. Some patients want their privacy and don’t want others to be aware of the fact that they have undergone surgery to bring their hairline forward, and the hairline lowering options can provide this for them. 

Shaving the scalp is not necessary for either of these procedures, so you will be able to keep your hair, while still getting the desired results from the treatment. 

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of hairline lowering is that the results are seen relatively quickly. You are not going to have to wait for a set period of time while the scar fades and the hair grows, but the difference will be noticeable as soon as the procedure is finished. Female hairline lowering or male hairline lowering allows you to have the same thickness of hair all over without having to wait for it to grow in! If the size of your forehead is an issue in terms of appearance, this is certainly an option to consider that has many benefits other than the enhancement of appearance. 


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