Why Patients Trust Dr. Sidle

Ila Muller Avatar
Ila Muller
Dr Sidle took the time to explain all our options to us. He is very thorough and genuinely wants to do right by the patient. He has a wonderful bedside manner. We feel very lucky that he made time for us. We didn’t feel rushed at all. He is an exceptional doctor.
Suzanne Halaska Avatar
Suzanne Halaska
Exceptional Plastic Surgeon - A True Artist! I recently had the privilege of undergoing eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) under the skilled hands of Dr. Sidle. From the initial consultation to the final post-operative checkup, my journey with Dr. Sidle has been nothing short of exceptional. Having researched extensively before choosing a plastic surgeon, I was immediately impressed by Dr. Sidle's impressive credentials and glowing reputation. However, it was our first consultation that solidified my decision to trust him with my procedure. Dr. Sidle exuded professionalism, genuine care, and an evident passion for his craft. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Sidle and his team ensured I felt comfortable, informed, and empowered to make the best decisions for my desired outcome. The level of detail and clarity provided during pre-operative discussions was impressive, leaving me with no doubts or anxieties leading up to the surgery. On the day of the procedure, I was met with a team that demonstrated impeccable teamwork and organization. Dr. Sidle's reassuring demeanor helped alleviate any nerves I had, and his ability to explain each step in a way that was easily understandable was truly comforting. What truly impressed me, aside from the outstanding results, was the level of care and follow-up that I received. Dr. Sidle and his staff showed genuine concern for my well-being throughout the entire process. They went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable, informed, and healing properly I cannot recommend Dr. Sidle highly enough. If you are considering any kind of plastic surgery, especially around the delicate area of the eyes, look no further. Their expertise, professionalism, and compassionate approach make them an absolute standout in the field. My experience was nothing short of exceptional, and I am deeply grateful to Dr. Sidle for giving me a renewed sense of confidence and a fantastic outcome. Thank you!
Brett Feinberg Avatar
Brett Feinberg
Had a Septoplasty, Turbinate reduction, cartilage repair and bump removal with Dr. Sidle and so far it’s been amazing. He is the best doctor I’ve ever worked with and his team is exceptional. I highly recommend him for any issues related to the nose as I had consulted two other surgeons and he was the only one I trusted. Overall, it was a great experience.
Tom Walsh Avatar
Tom Walsh
Dr. Sidle is exactly who you are looking for. He has worked with me over a few years to correct a nose that was broken as a kid, repaired hastily by someone else, and perfected by Dr. Sidle. I gave him a bit of a task, and I came to it a bit hopeless, but from day one he and his team made it so easy, so comfortable that I genuinely looked forward to visiting him about such a personal issue. We reviewed expectations, talked vividly about the process, addressed concerns---but what truly stood out is the humanity of Dr. Sidle and his team. Not an over-exaggeration. Again, this is exactly who you are looking to meet.
Jim S Avatar
Jim S
What can I say? Dr Sidle did EXACTLY what I asked for regarding my rhinoplasty and I am amazed with the results and wish I had done this 10 years ago! It was difficult looking for the right surgeon as so many Chicago plastic surgeons seemed only to focus on female noses. From the first consultation and through my follow-up appointments, he truly cared and could not have been a nicer man. His staff including Dr. Gill, Erin and Mary Claire were also great to deal with. I’m truly over the moon happy with my result and highly recommend him and his team.
Riley Callard Avatar
Riley Callard
Amazing job! In the consultation the explanation was clear and concise on what they wanted to. Everything was well throughout and planned accordingly. I am extremely happy with the results. I recommend Dr.Sidle for anyone.
Chris K Avatar
Chris K
I chose to see him because of good google reviews and he specializes in rhinoplasty. I just saw him, and he is personable and overall amazing. He sat down and chatted with me for a solid period of time. He examined my nose, answered all my questions, and gave me his honest opinion. The PA was also very nice and attentive
Cindy Castillo Avatar
Cindy Castillo
Dr. Sidle is amazing! He takes time letting you know the pros and cons of any of his procedures. What I like most is that he will give you his honest opinion versus other doctors that just want to you spend your money with them. I've had a couple of procedures done by Dr. Sidle, currently seeing him for botox injections, wouldn't go anywhere else.
V Fos Avatar
V Fos
My experience with Dr. Sidle & his team for my septoplasty/rhinoplasty surgery was better than I could have imagined. Dr. Sidle is a skilled surgeon, artist and physician. It is rare to come across such a combination in someone with his talent, and it shows in the results and level of care he gives. From consultation to pre-op to post-op appts, I always felt heard, understood and never, ever rushed. He treated me first and foremost with respect and kindness. His assistant Erin was lovely, professional and excellent at patient communication. I am only 10 days post-op and I am beyond thrilled that I'm already breathing and looking so much better than before! This surgery was 20+ years in the making for me. I am filled with gratitude for being lead to this team. Highly, highly recommend.
Andrew Farinelli Avatar
Andrew Farinelli
Dr. Sidle and his team were great every step along the way from first consultation to final check-in to insure everything had healed properly after he helped correct my deviated septum. Dr. Sidle did a great job explaining his diagnosis, how the surgery would be performed, and what the entire process would entail. His PA, Erin, was also very detailed and responsive, providing me with all of the information I needed. And lastly, and most importantly, Dr. Sidle did an excellent job in surgery and the septum was corrected as desired. Will recommend Dr. Sidle and his team to anyone that needs help correcting something similar
Kristie Kobussen Avatar
Kristie Kobussen
I chose Dr. Sidle because of his reputation, experience, education, precision, and thoughtfulness. Dr. Sidle and his team provided me with exceptional care beginning at my initial consultation to present day. He relayed clear and thorough explanations of the procedure and its entire process, including what to expect in the short and long-term. He made me feel both comfortable and safe, and like I was in great hands (and I can confirm that I was). I highly recommend Dr. Sidle, Erin Hoke, and the rest of their team.
Bree Stewart Avatar
Bree Stewart
Dr. Sidle is a genius & a gentleman. A Doctor who genuinely cares so much about his patients, and has so much patience. 💛 Most importantly, his work is impeccable. 👏 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
tcmason Avatar
2/22/2022 Update Dr. Sidle had done major work on my sinuses 4 years ago. He also addressed extensive cosmetic issues I had at the time. There were some minor cosmetic issues that became noticeable after my nose settled into place ( I waited about 2 years). When I returned for a visit, he was gracious and caring about addressing the issues that were relevant to me and agreed to a 2nd procedure. I appreciated that he didn't give me a hard time, but instead validated my concerns even though they were not major. The 2nd procedure went well, but after a year, I had problems with final aesthetics. I returned to see if it could be addressed/fixed well. The concerns I had after the second procedure have been well addressed by Dr. Sidle, and my nose is now lovely and functional. I would refer anyone to Dr. Sidle. He is an excellent surgeon with artistry. He listens, is caring and understanding. Below are some before and after photos following the second procedure. My original nose was like the witch on The Wizard of Oz. He was able to incredibly reconstruct my nose, and in a way that I still look like myself, but better, and even younger. The younger was a bonus, I wasn't expecting that. I am extremely happy with the results!
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Jamie Griffith Avatar
Jamie Griffith
I had a truly wonderful experience with Dr Sidle. He was extremely thorough in his evaluation of me and took the time to explain treatment options. He answered all of my questions along the way. My surgery went smoothly and I am now breathing much better. He and everyone on his team were friendly and welcoming throughout all of my visits with them. I highly recommend him!
Naftali Garber Avatar
Naftali Garber
I have been a patient of Dr. Sidle for over 10 years. Initially for a cosmetic procedure, mole removal from my face and now for functional septoplasty and turbinate reduction. Dr. Sidle is exceptional in every aspect of his practice. From consultation, to explanation of costs and of course the work he performs. Erin Hoke, will also expertly assist in every aspect of treatment, follow up and administrative details. Thank you for allowing me to breathe the way I should!
Jennifer Kinkade Avatar
Jennifer Kinkade
Dr. Sidle and his PA, Erin are wonderful! I went in for a bump on my forehead and he was able to diagnose it as an osteoma right away and explain how he could easily remove it without leaving scars on my face. He talked through all of my options so I could choose the path that worked best for me. He was very talkative, peppy, and reassuring! Erin scheduled me for surgery and let me know she might have an earlier date. She messaged me the next day with an opening much sooner, which I honestly wasn’t expecting because most of the time medical offices push that kind of “above and beyond” stuff to the back of the line as long as the essentials are done. She was also very kind, reassuring, and a pleasure to talk to. Before my surgery Erin sent me all of the information I needed to know, including directions for aftercare and got me scheduled for my follow up appointment when I emailed her back. It’s great not having to call. The surgery went really well! The team at Northwestern made me feel as calm and comfortable as possible and everyone took great care of me. Now it’s been a few days and the swelling has gone down, and I can see that Dr. Sidle was able to completely remove the bump (and a smaller second one) from my forehead and he did a great job of hiding the incisions in my hair so no one will see any scarring. I have my follow-up in a few days to take out the staples! I would 100% recommend Dr. Sidle! Getting work done on your face is scary because there’s no way to hide it if something goes wrong. Most facial surgeons are solely taking cosmetic patients because I’m sure it’s a lot more money. I’m very thankful that someone as skilled as Dr. Sidle also takes medical patients and insurance! He and Erin did a great job instilling confidence beforehand, and after the fact, I can say they deserved all of it!
S A Avatar
Dr. Sidle and his team are the best! I recently needed surgery for a deviated septum and they did a phenomenal job from start to finish. Dr. Sidle truly cares about his patients and took additional time to walk me through the procedure prior to the surgery. Highly recommend him and his entire team!
Vaida Presniakovaite Avatar
Vaida Presniakovaite
Dr. Sidle is a plastic surgeon of the highest caliber! My mom & I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Sidle on rhinoplasty, neck/jaw lift and cosmetic filler procedures. The results of his skilled work have always exceeded our expectations. Dr. Sidle is extremely conservative with risk, informative, professional and transparent throughout the entire process. We love Dr. Sidle's right hand Erin Hoke (Physician Assistant) as well, she's a pleasure to work with and ensures we're entirely comfortable from the time of consultation to post-procedure. For us it's simple-the best or nothing and Dr. Sidle truly is the best of the best! We trust and recommend him with absolute confidence.
Alban Mehmeti Avatar
Alban Mehmeti
Dr. Sidle & his team are the most incredibly talented folks one can have the pleasure of meeting and getting to work with when considering septoplasty & rhinoplasty. I've been contemplating getting my septoplasty & rhinoplasty fixed for over a decade and finally after doing exhaustive research I found Dr. Sidle. I went through with the procedure and my only regret is not having found them sooner. Dr. Sidle has super kind bedside manners, he is extremely informative about the options, realistic about what to expect throughout the journey from pre surgery, managing expectations, during surgery, as well as recovery. My outcome far exceeded my expectations! The recovery was much quicker because of his precise work. I can't recommend Dr. Sidle enough - I feel fortunate to have found him and to have had such an incredible outcome with him. So much so that I'm writing a public review about it.
Alison Avatar
The Revision Rhinoplasty that Dr. Sidle performed on me is beyond my expectations. I wish I knew about him 30 years ago when I had my initial Rhinoplasty. He is an expert in his field hands down. A True professional. I felt at ease and completely confident in his abilities from the initial consultation forward. The fact that he has a wonderful personality and sense of humor just adds to the positive experience. His passion for wanting his patients to feel happy with the results shines through. Erin, his PA, is delightful and shares in his passion. The two together are quite the A Team. I will be back!
Elena Wilson Avatar
Elena Wilson
Dr. Sidle fixed a seemingly hopeless situation by going above and beyond. Despite the fact that many of the problems from my previous rhinoplasty (with a different doctor) weren’t even addressed in the operation notes, Dr. Sidle took it in stride and fixed everything internally and externally. My nose now looks better than I could have ever hoped and even better than the pictures of the projected end result I was given during my consultation. If you’re still wondering which doctor to go to for a rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty- he’s the doctor for you!!
Dustin Cagnina Avatar
Dustin Cagnina
I have had multiple procedures and a few corrections. Dr Sidle treats me like his ”sister” and gives cautious advice regarding what's right. With him I developed an immediate plan to correct and a long term plan to preserve my beauty. I would not trust my face to anyone else- neither should you!
Tory Colvin Avatar
Tory Colvin
I'm sharing the same review I posted on Real Self :) My forehead reduction surgery with Dr. Sidle was on 11/12/19, and I cannot recommend him enough. I had spent nearly *six years* researching doctors -- I'd flown to Beverly Hills, interviewed docs from coast to coast, and I finally felt the comfort and confidence I needed with this particular surgeon. Nothing I saw compared to his intelligence, his bedside manner (which is so important, and he gets a 10-star rating there), his genuine interest in the reasonings behind wanting the surgery, etc. Dr. Sidle provided valuable guidance and recommendations on how much to lower my forehead during the operation, we mapped it out, he took all my own questions/concerns into consideration while injecting his own opinions on what he knew would look the best for my face. For folks who want this surgery, typically this is a pretty disheartening, self-conscious battle that affects you day in and day out. It was something I thought about *every* day, and it always made me unhappy. I can confidently say on the other side of this procedure that I am *beyond* happy I did it. I am thrilled with the results, and that's only after one short little week (will post pics once healed better) -- He's genuinely changed my life in a really happy way. I think Dr. Sidle and his staff (Erin, and the Fellows / nurses with which he works) are all 200% top-notch, and I would highly encourage anyone considering this surgery to at least consult with him before you make a final decision.
Georgetta Kent Avatar
Georgetta Kent
I am very Happy and satisfied with his work on my bottom lip. You cannot even tell it had surgery
Dawn Fiali Avatar
Dawn Fiali
I had surgery by Dr. Sidle this past June. I had septoplasty, turbinate reduction, nasal valve obstruction correction, cosmetic rhinoplasty and a chin implant. I could not say enough good things about Dr. Sidle and his staff. He is completely professional yet extremely personable, friendly and easy to talk with. I liked him from my first visit, which was a consultation for my breathing issues. He never mentioned any cosmetic changes until I came back for a follow-up that included a cosmetic consultation after I decided to view some of his before and after pictures online. I was so impressed with how natural and well done his work was that I decided to go ahead with cosmetic rhinoplasty as well. I love that he did not push me to do anything I didn’t first bring up myself. Meaning, he did not see me and say anything about my obviously crooked nose, etc. And when I decided I wanted a cosmetic consultation he was beyond professional and considerate and made me feel as though we truly were a team working on what results I wanted to achieve. I am a nurse anesthetist and work in surgery on a daily basis at another hospital in Chicago. I work with surgeons every day, and Dr. Sidle is an extraordinary one. From family, to friends to co-workers, I have only had compliments since my surgery. One of the best compliments is when I’m told that I still look like myself, only better. Even in my immediate postoperative period, I never regretted my choice to have surgery by Dr. Sidle. I am more pleased with the results than I ever expected. Too bad I didn’t find him and make this decision years ago. I have personally referred to two people already, and will continue to refer him to anyone who asks.
Brittany Keller Avatar
Brittany Keller
I can not recommend Dr. Sidle enough! I was referred to him through a coworker of mine who had such beautifully perfect and full lips that I knew I had to make an appointment for myself at this practice. Dr. Sidle and Hayley the nurse working with him were so patient, kind and thorough with my injections. It was my first time getting Botox and lip fillers and I was very nervous but they put me right at ease. I drove from Wisconsin to Chicago because Dr. Sidle had such a great reputation with my coworker and now I see why. Totally worth the drive and I will definitely be back. Thank you Dr. Sidle and Hayley!!!
Anna Peters Avatar
Anna Peters
Dr. Sidle and team were absolutely phenomenal! I walked through his doors emotionally drained hoping for any type of miracle after MOHs surgery on my face for melanoma. I was just 19 and the surgery created a very large scar from my eye to my chin. Dr. Sidle was very knowledgable, caring, and took time to explain every procedure and treatment plan. After about 2 years of work, I can barely see my scar! Excellent physician.
Cindy Nelson Avatar
Cindy Nelson
Dr Sidle and his staff were extremely professional, accommodating and generous with their time - answering all my questions regardless of when I asked. I needed surgery for a deviated septum and wanted minimal cosmetic work done. I’m thrilled with the ability to breathe better and also love the small modifications he made to my nose ensuring it looks perfect with all my facial features. 100% recommendation from a very satisfied patient!
Andrea Sidle Avatar
Andrea Sidle
I was seeking out a doctor to perform cosmetic repair my on upper eyelid due to an eye infection. After visiting doctor after doctor to find a plastic surgeon that was qualified and trusted, I found Dr Sidle. He became the obvious choice for me for a number of reasons but what stuck out at me is that: 1) He truly cares 2) He is a perfectionist at his profession and 3) He is the best at what he does. He came highly recommended from a number of his peers. I’m a dentist so being in the dental field where a person’s appearance is affected by my work I have a very critical eye for detail. I knew that it would take an exceptional first impression and 100% confidence in someone's practice to choose a plastic surgeon. I meticulously combed through many results for 'plastic surgeons' to find the perfect surgeon to perform my eyelid surgery. To my delight, Dr. Sidle had nothing but positive and encouraging reviews. I was soon to find out that not only were the reviews absolutely accurate, but Dr. Sidle exceeded expectations throughout the process. I’m very happy with the way I look after being told by other doctors that I would surely have a scar above my eye. No scarring with Dr. Sidle! Above all Dr. Sidle went out of his way to alleviate any fears I had both physically and emotionally. He is an incredibly skilled, compassionate, and caring doctor. Furthermore, he’s a top-tier cosmetic surgeon, and I highly recommend him for surgical or non-surgical care. If for any reason I need or decide to do more procedures, I would never go to another surgeon. If he moved across the country I would surely take train, bus or airplane to get there. One cannot truly ascertain the depth of how special you feel after walking out of his office filled with confidence and assurance that you are in the best hands unless you experience it for yourself. I think, to conclude, the best way to describe Dr. Sidle and his staff is that they are simply outstanding!
Laura Greene Avatar
Laura Greene
Dr Sidle and his PA Erin Hoke are fantastic! They are extremely thorough, and answered every question in depth. I had nasal reconstructive surgery using a rib graft. He is one of the few surgeons who performs this the procedure in the area, and I am very glad I ended up in his office! He is a highly skilled and particular. After a nose injury over 20 years ago, and 2 previous surgeries, my breathing is hugely improved, and so is the appearance of my nose. I can not recommend Dr Sidle enough. I am beyond happy with the results. You will be in great hands!
Puppy Love Avatar
Puppy Love
I had the hairline lowering procedure 8 months ago with Dr. Sidle. I would not have gone through with the surgery had it not been for Dr. Sidle’s experience and expertise in the procedure. He answered my long list of questions with no hesitation. I loved how he wanted to know what I wanted and what I thought so that I am happy at the end of this but made his own recommendations and explained the reasons for those recommendations (things I didn’t know were important even with all of my research). I am so very happy with the results and the recovery was quick. No one noticed other than saying I look a little different. You are in great hands with Dr. Sidle and his team.
Susan Kromelow Avatar
Susan Kromelow
Dr. Sidle is a surgeon of great skill and compassion. I was comfortable at every stage of my procedure, from initial consultation to post-op care and my total confidence in Dr. Sidle was well warranted. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. The doctor has chosen an excellent team, particularly Erin Hoke, who is very caring and supportive. I unconditionally recommend Dr. Sidle to others considering facial aesthetic surgery.
Ralph Russell Avatar
Ralph Russell
I have been going to Dr. Sidle for the past 4 years. His work has been superb. Dr. Sidle is very professional and caring. His office staff is very cordial and efficient!
Katherine Pencak Avatar
Katherine Pencak
Dr. Sidle is a fantastic surgeon. He is incredibly skilled and was able to resolve every issue I experienced. During my visits, he walked me through each step of the process and never made me feel rushed; he always listened carefully to my questions and provided thoughtful responses. His team, specifically Erin Hoke, were very responsive post-procedure and never failed to respond to a text or email. I felt that Dr. Sidle and his team truly cared about me and my situation, and I could not be happier with the results. He truly is the best in his field. I highly recommend Dr. Sidle!
Drbrouk Avatar
I am incredibly pleased with Dr. Sidle's cosmetic services. At times, I forget that he is a plastic surgeon and not an artist. His work is beautiful and yet appears to be quite natural. I consider myself very lucky to have found him and I am from out of state. His PA and Northwestern staff are pleasant, competent and very professional.
Sarah Renahan Avatar
Sarah Renahan
Dr. Sidle and his team, particularly Erin Hoke, were absolutely wonderful pre and post surgery. The personal care they provided was impeccable and I'm thrilled with the results they achieved. I highly recommend Dr. Sidle!
alexis borrelli Avatar
alexis borrelli
Dr. Sidle is an incredible surgeon! I have had 4 previous surgeries on my nose, all performed by the same bad doctor. My nose was botched beyond belief! After 5 years of poor breathing through a crooked nose, I finally found Dr. Sidle. He preformed my 5th and final revisional surgery and my nose looks incredible because of him. I feel beautiful and natural, I don’t believe any other doctor would have been able to fix the mess my nose was. My family and I are in awe of his talent and expertise. Dr. Sidle is the best of the best without question! Also, him and his staff are super nice and welcoming! :) Thank God for Dr. Sidle!
Brandon Prusa Avatar
Brandon Prusa
Dr. Sidle goes beyond the call of duty for each of his patients. I am honored to be a patient of his and have referred multiple patients to him who all feel the same way. I would recommend him to anyone!
Staceyh Kruchko Avatar
Staceyh Kruchko
I met Dr. Sideline many years ago, he has fixed some “horrible “ scars I had from Mose surgery, ALL with outstanding results! I have been very concerned about my elderly looking face. I didn’t want to look like I’m 40 (I’m 63) so he happily & thoughtfully made me look just like myself... only better. I think he is a 10 star , Please, a mini lift & neck ..I can’t be happier. No pain, 10 days later & I look GREAT 👍 Very, Very, Thankfulness
Melissa Marchand Avatar
Melissa Marchand
I've been to a lot of places over the years trying to find the individual that truly understood what I was trying to achieve with my appearance. After my first appointment with Dr. Sidle I knew I finally found the physician I had been looking for. I urge you to make an appointment with him. You will not be sorry!!!!!
Rebecca Cabin Avatar
Rebecca Cabin
Dr Sidle is hands down the best! He changed my life. I had probably one of the worst case noses you could imagine! Dr Sidle assured me that he could take on my case and give me the nose I was meant to have.....boy did he deliver! This was my first time ever having surgery and I was scared but Dr Sidle and his team were great and made me feel so comfortable. He is such a sweet man and I really felt like he cared about me and my results. Don't walk, run.....wait don't run and brake something! lol but get to his office fast! I am so happy with my results and he truly made me a better me! -Rebecca
Rachael S. Avatar
Rachael S.
Dr. Sidle and his assistant Erin were amazing. I couldn't have had a better experience with them. He was sure to spend enough time with me to answer all of my questions and make sure I was comfortable with everything. I would highly recommend him.