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Northwestern Facial Plastic Surgery is a division of Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Northwestern Facial Plastic Surgery specializes in all areas of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Douglas M. Sidle is the director of the Northwestern Facial Plastic Surgery division. Dr. Sidle is a double board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon that focuses on reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the face, head, and neck. Although Dr. Sidle performs surgery on all areas of the head, neck, and back, he is best known for his rhinoplasty or nose job surgery. In truth, Dr. Sidle is one of the leading septo-rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty, or nose job surgeons at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Sidle has performed countless rhinoplasty or nose job surgeries over his long, established career. With a nose job surgery from Dr. Sidle, your dream nose will become a reality. Dr. Sidle has performed nose job surgery on all the different types of noses there are. He even has extensive experience in ethnic rhinoplasty or ethnic nose job surgery. No matter what nose you were born with or what you want it to look like, a rhinoplasty or nose job surgery from Dr. Sidle is just what you need. After your nose job surgery is complete, you will finally have the self-confidence and self-esteem you’ve always wanted. With Dr. Sidle and Northwestern Facial Plastic Surgery, complicated, dangerous rhinoplasty and nose job surgeries are a thing of the past. Over the years, Dr. Sidle has helped many Orland Park residents get the nose they’ve always wanted. Recently, many more Orland Park residents have been contacting Dr. Sidle to schedule their one-of-a-kind nose job surgery.

About Orland Park, Illinois

Located approximately 25 miles southwest of downtown Chicago, Orland Park, Illinois is a beautiful village. Orland Park is home to many natural wonders, such as Lake Sedgewick, the numerous wildlife refuges, and countless hiking trails to name a few. Orland Park is better known for being the “45th Best Place to Live in America” by Money Magazine in 2006. This rank was based on Orland Park’s low crime rate, impeccably low poverty rate, and high median household income, among other things. Unlike other Chicago suburbs, Orland Park residents frequently travel to Chicago each and every day. For the most part, Orland Park residents do so to commute to work each day, but they also frequent the city to shop, dine, and for doctor’s appointments.

Although it is an hour drive, many Orland Park residents have been coming to Northwestern Plastic Facial Surgery for their cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. In particular, Orland Park residents have been seeking the advice of Dr. Sidle with regard to their noses. Dr. Sidle’s rhinoplasty and nose job surgery is renown throughout Orland Park and the surrounding areas. Dr. Sidle is a name you can put your trust in when it comes to rhinoplasty and nose job surgery. All it takes is one brief nose job surgery consultation and you will be on your way to a better nose.

Nose Job Surgeon in Orland Park, IL

Don’t go another day with a nose you don’t want, Dr. Sidle is here to help. With a rhinoplasty or nose job surgery from Dr. Sidle, you will no longer feel embarrassed by your nose. Instead, your nose will become the highlight of your face. Dr. Sidle’s nose job surgery is just what you need to finally have the self-confidence and self-esteem to do whatever you want in life. A rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is a new beginning for most people. This is why Dr. Sidle takes the time to educate, support, and counsel his patients before, during, and after their nose job procedure. So, any rhinoplasty or nose job questions, comments, or concerns are addressed before it is too late. With Dr. Sidle and Northwestern Facial and Plastic Surgery, your nose is finally in hands you can trust! If you have any question regarding rhinoplasty or nose job surgery, please give us a call today. Our doctors are standing by. We are looking forward to helping get you the nose you’ve always dreamed about!

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