Enhance Your Facial Features with A Chin Implant

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There is a wealth of reasons for you to enhance your appearance with a chin implant or chin augmentation surgery. It could be that you experienced a facial injury. Or maybe you feel that your chin is too round and lacks both the poignance and definition required for a strong chin. Perhaps you’ve recently had a rhinoplasty, and there’s now a lack of symmetry between your nose and chin. Regardless of the reasons, chin implant and chin augmentation procedures are a safe and effective way for you to look and feel like the best version of yourself.

Below, we’ll discuss the various intricacies, aspects, and factors involved with chin enhancement. If you’re considering undergoing this kind of procedure, this article will act as the ideal resource.

How Does A Chin Implant Transform Your Facial Features?

The impact your chin has on your facial structure can’t be understated. Chin implants can accomplish a multitude of positive changes for your appearance. Some of the common improvements a chin implant surgery helps achieve include the following:

Enhance Your Overall Facial Features

Primarily, chin implants enhance your overall facial symmetry. The chin balances your forehead and nose, wherein the shape, size, and placement must work in harmony to provide you with the most optimal facial aesthetics. When the chin, nose, and forehead acquire that perfect level of symmetry, it’s like a work of art where proportions click on all cylinders.

It’s for the above reason that chin implants complement rhinoplasties so perfectly. After all, a significantly reshaped nose isn’t necessarily going to balance well with your chin in the absence of an implant.

Enhancing Your Neck Structure

Off-kilter chin proportions might cause the tip of your chin to start at the beginning of your neck. This creates a somewhat bulkier and puffier appearance.

Whereas, extending your chin with an implant or augmentation alters your neck aesthetic drastically. More specifically, a sleeker chin is conducive to a leaner and pleasingly angular neck that takes years off your overall appearance.

Providing Prominence to Your Chin

Are you at odds with your rounded, weak chin? If this is the case, then receiving implants will add some angles to your chin. In other words, it creates a square chin—a feature that’s desirable for both men and women.

Not too surprisingly, square chins are associated with strength, virility, fitness, health, and overall vitality.

What’s The Difference Between A Chin Implant And Chin Fillers?

In short, chin implants procedure – when compared to dermal fillers – provide more long-lasting results with the most dramatic transformation.

Known technically as a genioplasty, chin implants consist of an anatomically shaped implant being placed around your existing chin bone. The surgeon makes a short incision beneath your chin or inside your mouth.

Since you’re undergoing surgery, receiving implants involves an IV and local anesthetic. However, it’s a very low-risk procedure performed by top-notch professionals. Plus, the scars aren’t visible once you’ve healed. Also, it’s possible to receive other cosmetic surgeries (i.e., neck liposuction and rhinoplasty) at the same time.

It’s worth noting that the upfront cost of chin implants far eclipses that of dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers, instead of surgery, are injections that add volume beneath the skin. The results are apparent right away, but they’re nowhere near as dramatic as implant surgery. Furthermore, the effects aren’t permanent, and follow-up treatments are required for maintenance. As such, the overall costs of this procedure end up amounting to more than a one-time implant surgery.

The Appearance And Permanence Of A Chin Implant

Chin implants are little, sturdy devices that are sculpted to fit around your chin bone and are made of a biocompatible substance (most frequently silicone).

Depending on your needs, you’ll have an array of choices in size and contour of an implant. The experts at our clinic will guide you through the process of selecting an implant that gives you the most natural, aesthetically appealing outcome.

Also, while your facial features change as you age, the contours of the implant itself are permanent.

Does A Chin Implant Feel Natural?

With a skilled surgeon, once you’ve undergone this procedure, it’ll nearly be impossible to decipher a chin implant from your natural chin bone.

We must reiterate the importance of finding a reliable and skilled cosmetic surgeon—because they’ll insert and place the implant correctly. In this case, you won’t feel the implant after a brief period of recovery from treatment. Conversely, you will notice if an unskilled surgeon hasn’t contoured and placed the implant correctly.

Immediately after surgery, expect to feel some numbness and swelling—though this discomfort will only last temporarily.

Breaking Down The Surgical Procedure

We’ve already glossed over the technique used when giving patients implants—but here’s a more detailed breakdown of the process:

The first part of the surgery is ensuring you feel no pain. As such, you’ll probably be under general anesthesia so that you aren’t conscious during the operation. Or you’ll receive a numbing agent combined with medication to help you relax.

From there, the practitioner will make a cut inside the mouth or below the chin. Then the surgeon creates a pocket beneath your muscles in front of the chin bone. After this step, the implant is placed inside.

In some cases, surgeons use real bone or fat tissue but often utilize either a silicone, Teflon, or Dacron implant. Alternatively, they might also employ a more modern biological insert.

The implant is typically connected to the bone using sutures and screws. The surgeon then applies sutures to close the surgical cut.

There’s also the possibility that the surgeons must move bones. In this scenario, they should place you under general anesthesia before making the cut across the lower gum inside of your mouth.

When the procedure necessitates the movement of bones, a bone saw, or chisel is used to make a second cut through the jawbone. The jawbone is shifted with the use of metal plates, which are subsequently secured with wires or screws. Afterward, stitches and a bandage are used to close the cut.

Depending on the extensiveness of a chin implant surgery, the procedure will take anywhere between one to three hours.

What Are The Benefits Of Facial Implants?

First and foremost, as discussed earlier, chin implants add power and strength to an underdeveloped chin while bringing balance to your nose and chin.

Furthermore, chin implants give your jawline the desired triangular shape you’ve been seeking. Also, after undergoing such a procedure, you’ll notice an increase in the height and width of your chin, making it more pronounced.

And if you’re unsatisfied with your jowls or double chin, chin implants mitigate both facial imperfections, as well as alter your chin dimples.

Overall, chin cosmetic procedure can deliver dramatic results for those who want:

  • To strengthen an underdeveloped chin
  • To increase the width or height of their chin contour
  • To bring balance to the nose, forehead, and chin features
  • To minimize the appearance of a double chin or jowls
  • A more attractive and sharper jawline

Are You An Ideal Candidate For A Chin Implant?

Whether you’re a man or woman, chin augmentation and chin implants can work for you. Really, this procedure is ideal if you’re unsatisfied with how your chin is proportioned with the rest of your face.

If you feel your chin is recessed or overly pointed/squared, you might make a perfect candidate. Lastly, if your neck is overly fleshy or your nose is too prominent, a chin implant could help improve these features.

It’s also worth pointing out what makes an unideal candidate for chin implants:

If you’re in poor health, dealing with cardiac problems, or taking an anticoagulant, you shouldn’t move forward with this procedure.

Anyone who’s taken Accutane® in the past six months will find that this pharmaceutical will adversely affect bone growth while causing keloid scarring.

On top of the above deterrents, you should never go into a chin implant surgery with unrealistic expectations.

Another factor to consider is your finances. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, this procedure might not be for you. However, it’s best to look at a chin implant as an investment. It’s a one-time fee to acquire the aesthetic you’ve always sought.

So, if you want to invest in a happier, more confident version of yourself, the expenditure is more than worth it. After all, when you look and feel your best, it creates an aura about you that can improve your overall quality of life.

The Importance Of Finding A Qualified Surgeon In Chicago

The truth of the matter is, not all chin implant procedure are created equal. Your satisfaction with the facial procedure comes down to the overall skill, experience, and sure hands of your surgeon.

If you live in Chicago and are looking to consult with a qualified facial plastic surgeon about chin implants, look no further than Dr. Douglas M. Sidle, a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Sidle’s list of accolades are as follows:

  • Certified by both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology
  • A member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Trained extensively with world-renowned facial plastic surgeons Corey S. Maas, M.D., and Sheldon S. Kabaker

Not only does Dr. Sidle have the resume of someone you can trust, but he takes great pains to be with his patients every step of the way. From the initial consultation to the very last day of recovery from treatment, Dr. Sidle’s team will ensure that you’ve received a safe and successful chin implant.

If you’re looking for further proof of Dr. Sidle’s proficiency, here are the pictures of patients before and after chin implants.

After reading this article, are you feeling more confident about receiving chin implants?

About Douglas M. Sidle, MD, FACS

Dr. Sidle specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, head, and neck. His services range from minimally invasive office procedures with little to no down time to major operations leading to dramatic improvements in appearance. Dr. Sidle is one of a select group of cosmetic surgeons who are “double boarded”. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and by the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.