Cheek Augmentation With Implants: Why Plastic Surgery May Be A Better Option

There are many reasons one may consider facial plastic surgery, whether cheek or chin augmentation. Those looking to change their facial appearance have many options to consider when deciding on the best type of treatment. Both cheek fillers and implants will give you bouncy, youthful skin through different methods.

First, one must decide what they want from facial plastic surgery and how they want their appearance to change. Whether the patient wants to raise cheekbones, round features, or sculpt for firmness, their preference is the most crucial part of cheek augmentation. Here’s some info on the different treatments to help make the decision easier.

Things to Help You Decide Between Plastic Surgery Fillers

During the first consultation with a plastic surgeon, they discuss whether the patient would prefer fillers or implants. The choice will depend on their preference for invasiveness, cost, recovery, and lasting results. It is standard practice during an initial consultation for facial reconstructive surgery.

Cheek fillers

Fillers, or dermal fillers, are injectable compounds that fill and plump an area upon insertion. Unlike implants, cheek fillers are non-invasive and only require a few hours of recovery time. However, fillers do not give permanent results, typically lasting between six months to two years.

Cheek implants

Cheek implants are another way to enhance the facial appearance by inserting silicon under the skin. The upside of cheek implants is that the results are permanent, ensuring a lifetime of pleasant roundness. Cheek implant surgery requires one to two hours and approximately one week to recover.

Changing Your Facial Shape

Changing your facial shape is significant, so weighing the options thoroughly is crucial. If you are considering facial cheek implants or fillers, ask yourself:

  • Has my facial shape made me feel unhappy? If so, for how long?
  • How would I want to change my facial shape?
  • If I could change my facial shape, would I want to change it for a little while or permanently?
  • Would my quality of life improve if I changed the shape of my face?
  • Do I have time to dedicate to recovery?

These questions should help to guide you to the right decision for your cheek augmentation. If you believe that your life will vastly improve upon changing the shape of your face, plastic surgery may be right for you.

Why Consider Cheek Surgery With an Implant?

Cheek augmentation implants will give your face a fuller look and adjust your facial contours. Each implant will vary in size depending on desired face shape. Cheek surgery ensures lifelong results. Cheek implant before and after photos will show the substantial difference between the patient’s appearance before and after surgery.

Cheek implants are also better for those with facial skeleton bone deficiency, as many filler injections would be needed to match the effect of one implant. Thus, a plastic surgeon can achieve what might otherwise take many over a long period in one visit.

What Happens During Chin and Cheek Augmentation?

Chin and cheek augmentation will require surgery and anesthesia. After the patient goes under, the surgeon creates an incision in the face. Then, the silicon implant goes into the incision and sets into place.

The surgeon seals the incision, and the patient moves into a recovery area. After determining that the patient shows no adverse reaction to the surgery, the surgeon clears the patient to go home for continued recovery.

What Is Recovery Like After Cheek Implant Surgery?

Recovery after cheek implant surgery requires rest and minimal movement near the surgical site. The patient will need ample time to rest and recover like any other surgery. The surgeon may prescribe painkillers to dull the pain or suggest an over-the-counter option.

Additionally, the patient must notify a spouse, relative, or friend of their intention for cheek implant surgery. The person accompanying them for the duration of the recovery will need to drive the patient to and from the surgeon’s office and assist with day-to-day tasks. In addition, the companion will need to help them for the first three to five days after the procedure.

The patient should pay attention to the incision site to look for signs of infection. All feelings of tightness, dryness, swelling, and discomfort should go away after the first ten days. Surgical sites should heal completely six to nine months after the procedure.

How Long Do Cheek Implants Last?

Cheek implants last a lifetime, making them an excellent option for those not wanting to repeat the procedure. The surgeon screws the implants into the cheekbones, which affixes the implant to the structure of the face permanently.

Patients who want to correct the effects of aging with a single visit will benefit from a cheek implant procedure. The long-term results are additionally excellent for those who are correcting facial trauma and want a lasting solution.

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Is One Cheek Augmentation Option Better Than the Other?

Both cheek fillers and cheek implants are excellent facial augmentation choices, depending on the patient’s preference. Repeated procedures, timing, and lasting results will determine the best selection for each patient. It will also depend on the patient’s medical history, personal reservations, and comfort level.

Those who want a one-and-done procedure may enjoy the lifelong benefits of cheek implant surgery. A cheek augmentation implant ensures that routine maintenance such as bi-annual injections will not be necessary. Cheek implant surgery is an investment that will stand the test of time.

Those who do not want the lifelong commitment of cheek implant surgery may feel more comfortable with cheek fillers. Cheek fillers allow the user to try out the look for a fixed amount of time and are dissolvable if found disagreeable. Additionally, fillers offer much more affordable options for those looking for facial corrective surgery on a budget.

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