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I’ve heard “browlift-like” procedures can reduce migraines. What are these procedures and how do they differ from using Botox to treat migraines?

This is a question my patients are asking more frequently, primarily due to the recent publication of a medical journal article describing the benefits of minimally invasive browlift-like procedures on the reduction of migraine headaches. A study from Case Western Reserve University showed browlift- like procedures that cut muscles and nerves at headache trigger points relieved migraine headaches in 84 percent of patients. A browlift is a procedure where the aging forehead skin and drooping eyebrows are elevated to a more youthful position, making people look less tired and more alert. It is a procedure performed in the operating room under anesthesia and usually takes one to two hours. Like most surgical procedures, there is usually some bruising and swelling that resolves in about a week. The most recent migraine study focused on a more permanent, surgical option for patients who already had success treating their migraines with Botox, a non-surgical alternative that has been shown to significantly reduce migraine frequency and severity in most patients.

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